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The Studio

If it can be seen by the mind it can be put to screen. With our full complement of edit suites, sound studios and production technologies, our award-winning directors, scriptwriters, videographers, animators and engineers know no bounds. From corporate AVs, commercials and documentaries to 2D/3D animation, TV shows and even feature films, we’re limited only by the edge of the frame.

Along The Wild Coast, on the southern edge of Africa, we are invited into a world unlike any other. Guided by permanent guest Marius De Wet, we embark upon a journey of coastal cuisine, secluded wonder and natural magnificence. Weaving in Marius’s own compelling backstory with the ways and lore of the land and its people, we are called to ‘Khokha Moya’ (meaning ‘breathe easy’) in this episodic antidote to frantic city living in the place where time itself slows to a profound and soulful halt.

An Afrikaans art show featuring equine artist Franci du Plessis. Franci travels to various parts of South Africa to meet horse owners and their prized horses. At the end of each episode Franci produces a painting of the horse, each of which will have a unique quality e.g. extremely large… fast… small… valuable… possess incredible endurance… etc. The relationship with the owner and the horse will be explored and Franci will spend time talking to the owner and getting to know the horse in its environment.

A thirteen-part children’s series for the global market about the adventures of a rhino named Zoemba and his two human friends Jippie and Doolie who swear to protect him from the nasty poacher. The pretty and witty Truth Fairies – who are accessed via the Zoem Zoem Pad – provide some facts and wisdom about the world in a fun and musical way.

The series is written by Connie Friedman and is aimed at 3 – 8 year olds.

In a nameless desert-terain in 1940’s South Africa, Ouma Marlene, a God-fearing coloured grandmother, takes care of her five grandchildren in an isolated ramchackle farmhouse. Their lives are governed by near-ritualistic routine, until one day a suavely-dressed developer appears on their property. Marlene in initially confused by the developer’s arrival, but curiosity soon turns to terror as a battle of soul and mind ensues between Marlene and the persistent developer, whom Marlene begins to suspect may be the devil himself.

A short film written by Fred Strydom and directed by Henk van Leeuwen and Fred Strydom.

This was an official selection at the 2018 Durban International Film Festival and the 2018 Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival and is currently on the Showmax line up.